OKC Jazz Orchestra                                                 

Music Director - Brian Gorrell
OYJE Director - Vince Norman

General Manager - David Giaco

Brian Gorrell
Justin Pierce
Heath Jones
Floyd Haynes
Brian Jenner

Eric Leonard
Paul Compton
Zac Lee
John Allen

Kirk Palmer
Jay Wilkinson
Karl Sievers

Mike Turner - Piano
Larry Moore - Bass
David Bowen - Drums
 - Guitar 

Board and Officers
Eric Leonard - President
Mickey Gorrell - Secretary
Jack Gallemore - Treasurer

Board of Directors
Andy Fugate
Jack Gallemore
Brian Gorrell
Mickey Gorrell
Laura Ketchum
Joe Kem
Eric Leonard
Kirk Palmer
Porter Davis

OKC Jazz Orchestra Founders
Michael Anderson
Chris Hicks
Eric Leonard
Kirk Palmer







Upcoming Concerts
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September 16, 2019:
Live at the Petroleum Club!

October 13, 2019:
Ellington Sacred Concert with Canterbury at the Civic Center!

November 11, 2019:
Concert at OCCC!

January 20, 2020:
Live at the Petroleum Club

May 18, 2020
Live at the Petroleum Club!

Special events may have separate pricing, locations, and times.