Letter from the president of the board


Dear Friends, Fans, and Musicians,

We hope you find yourselves safe and healthy at this time. We miss seeing all of you! As many of you know, the Oklahoma City Jazz Orchestra was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma in 2010 with the hopes of providing the city many years of entertainment while also fostering the development of the young and aspiring jazz musicians. I would say we have succeeded to a great degree in that endeavor over the last ten years. Without each and every one of you, it would have simply been impossible. Thank you!
It is with great disappointment that I share with you our decision to end our decade-long journey as a 501c3 organization. The decision was a painful one to make for our Board of Directors, but a necessary one due to the multitude of headwinds our organization faced moving forward with establishing a new season of concerts. All of these headwinds were both financial and pandemic related. As required in our bylaws, we will be directing our remaining monetary and physical assets to another qualified 501c3 organization and/or returning them to our most recent grantors. This process will be fully completed by the end of 2020. 
Our sincere hope moving forward is that the music industry rebounds quickly from the damage done by the threat of COVID-19, especially for those who depend on live performances for their livelihoods. I know I speak for all of us when I say, "We are all ready for things to return to normal!” Thank you again for all of the years you have supported, patronized, or played for the Oklahoma City Jazz Orchestra!
Eric Leonard
President of the Board
Oklahoma City Jazz Orchestra, Inc.
Upcoming Concerts
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September 16, 2019:
Live at the Petroleum Club!

October 13, 2019:
Ellington Sacred Concert with Canterbury at the Civic Center!

November 11, 2019:
Concert at OCCC!

January 20, 2020:
Live at the Petroleum Club

May 18, 2020
Live at the Petroleum Club!

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